Lapland, Finland

As some of you may know, my dad owns a log cabin in Finnish Lapland and it is exactly what you would imagine a log cabin in Santa's home town to be like. It is cosy, warm and secluded. Today I thought I would write about my most recent trip, which took place in April of this year. I went with my dad, step-mum, sister (Lavender), her friend and my boyfriend (Joe). We went for 10 days with the sole purpose of snowboarding in mind.

Having been visiting Lapland for over 10 years now we don't really do any of the tourist activities, as it can be quite expensive, but also because we have done them numerous times in the past. I have some great recommendations if anyone would be interested in visiting Lapland at any time the year!

But anyway, it was to be Joe's second time in Lapland and his second time snowboarding. What frustrates me so much, is that I took years to master snowboarding, and he just picked it up on his first go and by this year he was pretty good. I mean, he's not quite as fast as I revel in that fact. As he has picked it up pretty quick it is nice to be able to go all over the mountain with him - something I usually miss out on if I'm alone. 

My dad's cabin is situated in Akaslompolo which is one side of the fell, the other is called Yllasjarvi and is a much more popular area to go skiing and snowboarding, as the runs are bigger and longer. It is nice to be able to board both sides - although I do prefer the Akas side...maybe because the first time I went there, that was all that was there. The tourist industry in Lapland has completely changed the area, for the better. Still keeping its seclusion and postcard appeal. 

I have been on multiple husky safaris, but Joe hasn't been on one. I wanted him to experience it as I always had. However we alway went in the dead of winter which meant all of our limbs almost froze and fell off. Going in April is a much better time of year to do activities like these. My dad has also found the cheapest place in Lapland to go on the safari. It is on a small farm - which has other animals to see - although I didn't much like it as I felt the animals weren't very happy.....but I'm not an animal whisperer, so I haven't really got a clue. Anyway the bigger firms offering safaris change over £100 per person. So this is a much better cheaper alternative! 

Bronte x.


  1. I think for a travel blog this was awesome. The photos really helped tell the story of the seclusion but also shows how beautiful it is. great work.


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