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Good Morning Everyone! 

Today I thought I would write about a place in Folkestone, Kent, that my Dad and I went to eat in for Father's Day. I was working on the Sunday, which was Father's Day so I didn't actually get to go to the beach with my family. Which sucks, but that's retail life for you. So my dad suggested we go and do something in Folkestone on the Monday. Folkestone isn't too far from where I live, and it isn't usually a place I ever visit, for the simple fact that I don't actually really like it there. I live by the beach anyway, so I never tend to venture to other seaside towns as mine has everything I need. However dad had been raving about this restaurant called Googies so that is just where we went! 

The restaurant itself is situated in the down the old high street part of Folkestone, which is actually much nicer than the newer town centre. Lots of cobbled, narrow streets with an array of different shops. I didn't take many photos when I was there, but I wish that I had! It was a beautiful day too, around 28 degrees - which is very hot for June in England! Below is a photo of what I decided to wear....

Anyone else they photograph much better in the mirror?! Anyone takes my photograph and my face seems to crease up and it looks like I have no features whatsoever! I don't know maybe it is just my face....Anyway details of what I was wearing; 

Shorts - Bull Stretch Denim High Waisted Shorts - No longer available to purchase.

The yellow cami is something that I wouldn't normally choose, but when I did my bulk buying for summer I ordered this as I thought it was so cute and wanted to step out of my comfort zone, just a little. I am glad I did as I love everything about it! The embroidery is simple, and I love the tassels on the straps and just under the arms. It is a very delicate top, but a great price for something so lovely!

So anyway, back to Googies. I didn't actually take any photos of the interior of the restaurant, as I was too busy enjoying it all. It is quite rustic inside, basic, but has a certain charm to it. Lots of photos can be seen here on their website. 

At the moment I am a huge lover for fries covered in ANYTHING. Literally anything. I am obsessed with them, and Googies offer something called Pizza Fries. These are literally what they sound like, fries as the base, covered in a topping of your choice (from the menu). I went with the Mexican chilli steak topping, as it involves my two favourite foods - fries and literally anything Mexican. That is heaven for me! Below is a photo of my food - I ate all of it and it was just wonderful! They only cost £10 too, which I feel was an alright amount to pay.

My dad of course went for a healthy option - Warm Goats Cheese Salad. 

They offer a good amount of food from sandwiches to salads to burgers. So if you want healthy they do it, if you want to indulge then they also do that! Check out their menu here.

As we had finished in Googies, my dad suggested we wait for my sister Lavender to finish school - as she goes to school in Folkestone, so we went on to a pub that he likes called The Pullman I hadn't been here before either, but was pleasantly surprised by what it was like. We ordered two drinks - a Curious Brew and a Kwak - I didnt manage to finish mine as it was just too hot! We went to sit outside in their beer garden and it was huge! Usually I find that most pubs or bars only have a small area outside for guests - proving to be difficult when the weather is warm. However this was very big and wasn't too busy - we found a seat and drank our drinks. 

Vist The Pullman here.

My dad said his dad sweat was coming through his top - he was too hot.....

On our way to meet Lavender we went down to the harbour - which I haven't been to since I was about 13. A long long time ago. I actually completely forgot that the beach was sandy down there - when the tide is out. The beach I live on is stony - but I don't mind that. Knowing that there is a sandy beach 15 minutes from me though, I might have to venture out. But you know what kind of sand it is - it isn't beautiful white sands - rather the muddy brown that is so familiar in the south of the UK. 

All in all we had a lovely day out, and my Dad enjoyed his Father's Day!

See you guys soon - let me know if you know of anywhere that does EPIC fries!

Bronte x.



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