The Blue Moutains & Jenolan Caves

After our Ayers rock/Cairns trip we flew back to Sydney for christmas - which by the way christmas in Australia is no where near as good as it is at home. It didnt really feel like christmas and it felt like we had actually missed christmas that year. But i did turn 21. So now i'm old.

Anyway a few days after christmas we went on a trip to the Blue mountains and the Jenolan caves. 
The blue mountains is mainly populated with Eucalyptus trees, which are the trees that help along bush fires as when they burn due to the amount of oil in them they safe. The reason that they are called the Blue mountains is because the atmosphere is filled with droplets of oil which when combined with dust particles and water vapour scatter short - wave length rays of light which give the hazy blue colour you can vaguely see in the above photo. 

I quite liked the Blue mountains they were amazing to see, but it is one of the sites that again you hear people raving about but compared to some places that we have been they were not as good. It is pretty amazing though like with everything to look out over an area like this and to see it stretch for miles and miles. That it what amazes me most about this country. 

After we visited the Blue mountains we got back on the coach (sad because we didnt go in the van - although was nice to be driven around) and headed for Jenolan caves, Now i dont actually have many good photos from inside the caves as they didnt come out great and again i didnt really find the caves impressive. I am a very lucky person and have been to so many amazing places in my 21 years that sadly i find myself hard to impress. I mean the caves were alright but nothing compared to The salt mines in Poland for example or even the caves in Gibraltar. But again another nice place to visit and kind of a 'you have to do it trip' when in Sydney. One thing i LOVED here was the nice little area where the caves were, i thought the blue lake (below) was one of the most beautiful things i have seen. 

here i am looking like a dwarf and my sister looking strangely tall.

seriously look at how stunning that is! 

When Joe and I were driving from Adelaide to Portland i really wanted to stop off in Mt Gambier to see the blue lake there as it is a lot bigger than this one. But sadly as it was SO HOT and we have no air con in the van we passed it by and went straight to the camp site to chill out. 

Bronte x.



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