Taronga Zoo

Of course we couldn't resist a trip to the zoo. Everywhere Joe and I seem to stop we have to visit somewhere involving animals (down to me really). We went to the Zoo with my Dad as they were still here and we went on a few more trips with them (that i will write about, i am trying really hard to get up to date with everything!) 

So, The Zoo. 
A Zoo is a Zoo really but this one i really enjoyed. It is very big and as it is on Mosman hill the backdrop is the city of Sydney. Looking very lovely in the distance. 

Joe kept getting this zoo confused with Australia zoo which is the Steve Irwin zoo, but just to clarify its not the Australia zoo is in Queensland. Which we will be visiting once we have saved up a lot of money and we travel that part of Australia - back in our van! I miss travelling in him so much!

Getting to Taronga Zoo is not actually very hard, you can either jump on the ferry which costs about $12 for a return i think and takes about 20 minutes, which drops you off at the ferry terminal at the bottom of the zoo. There is an entrance here as well but most people like to ride the Sky rail up to the top, however we couldnt do this as it was so windy that it was shut. The other option is driving which also takes about 20 minutes and you drive to the top entrance of the zoo.

There is not much to say about the zoo, as well, everyone knows what a zoo is so i will just share my photos for you all to appreciate. Here are a few of my favourites!

I love this photo, especially with the city in the background!

Bronte x.



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