New Years Eve at the Opera House

New years 2013 was the best new years i have ever had! 

Well because i was lucky enough to go and see my first ever opera 'La Boheme' at the Sydney Opera House, to then stand on the Opera House balcony and watch the amazing fireworks that i have watched countless times on the TV back at home in England.
(thanks Dad again)
Now i can't say i have ever felt the need to go and watch the Opera, i mean i love theatre but Opera is something that has never really appealed to me, but saying that i really did enjoy my first opera experience. Needless to say i was very happy to be able to get all dressed up for the show, i didnt dress to the nines because i was told there was no dress code...Joe and I dressed smart/casual and my Dad, Isabelle and Lavender went in the clothes they had been wearing all day as they got stuck in the city and couldnt get back to the hotel. Due to all of the closures early for the fireworks later that night. Now everyone else that was there were obviously really well off people...they were all dressed in ball gowns etc etc.

We were sat behind the most annoyingly pretentious couple. Oh god just thinking about them is unbearable, they were quite young, all dressed up. But every time they laughed the girl sat forward in her seat and made this eheheheh noise. Oh lord it was hideous, so fake. The guy every time he clapped stood up and banged his hands together so enthusiastically it looked like he was going to have a fit.

But anyway - i'm sure they were nice people. not likely.

Anyway after the Opera which we thoroughly enjoyed by the way, we made our way outside at about 11 and stood on the opera house balcony with hundreds of other people and waited patiently for the spectacle to begin!

Whilst we were waiting we drank some nice champagne and spoke to some people standing next to us and eventually the fireworks began.

It really was so exciting! and i will never forget watching them. I can't really explain  how amazing it was to be there, but you can all see my photographs!

Bronte x.



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