Manly beach VS Bondi beach

I have to say that i am an Manly fan. I don't know what it is about Manly that i love so much, the atmosphere of the place is just so nice! Every chance we get we go to Manly. If only we could live there...

Manly beach is my happy place in Sydney. It makes me feel calm, the sand is so soft, the beach is huge and we are never packed in like sardines. Like you are in Bondi.  I expected a lot from Bondi as everyone i have met raves about how great it was, and of course it is a very famous beach, so the day we decided to go down there i was very excited to see what all the fuss was about. I have to say i don't get it. I dont get the hype surrounding Bondi. The beach is okay but always packed, the street of shops are not as nice as in Manly and neither is 'the vibe'. Saying that the area where the houses are around Bondi would be a nice place to live as they are set on a hill and you can see the beach in the distance. 
I think in Bondi there is a bigger area where you are allowed to swim which is a plus, as in Manly the swimming areas arnt great as there seems to always be a rough tide with dangerous rips etc. 
The good thing about these beaches are the lifeguards, they work extremely hard to keep everyone safe, I am not sure about Bondi but in Manly they have a loudspeaker system which allows every one on the beach to hear and to know what is going on and which areas you are allowed to swim in. Of course you can only swim between the flags so they are forever blowing their whistles getting people out of the no swim zones. 
Recently Joe had to get himself saved by one of the lifeguards, I knew this would happen. He swam out too far and no matter how hard he swam he couldnt move, luckily the lifeguards noticing his struggle jumped on their jet ski and went to pick him up. It shows you just how dangerous it is out there no matter how good a swimmer you are! 
There is my brief Manly vs Bondi post, you should make up your own mind about the beaches but for me I am team Manly! 

Bronte x



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