Job hunting in Sydney

When i left home i thought it would be easy to get a job out here, as i found a job straight away back at home once i started to look. However out here has proven to be a very different story. It started whilst we were living in Perth, no one wanted to hire us for retail because they didnt like the fact that we were on a working holiday visa. People in hospitality didnt want to hire us as we didnt have 2 - 3 years experience making coffees or serving sandwiches. It is just ridiculous. 

After having no luck in Perth we left to do our farm work, which if you have been reading my blog you know took us a long time before we actually found anything worth doing. We were actually quite lucky here as we got in to packing sheds and earned a lot of money, however this is not something that one wishes to do permanently while living in Australia. 

My idea for coming out here was to live  and work in another part of the world. I wasnt that interested in the travelling part, obviously we have travelled and had an amazing time, but after all of the travelling i wanted to actually find a flat rent it out and live in one place for my second year and just work, But that is starting to look like it will never happen.

When we arrived in Sydney i was assured by friends that i would get a job easily as i have experience in retail and im a frickin hard worker. But that has not been the case. Granted Joe got a job straight away - doing landscaping and gardening which he actually is enjoying. However i have been looking for a job for about 6 weeks and have had nothing. I have had 3 interviews, all of which decide no once they hear more about my visa restrictions. I have handed out well over 40 CVs to all stores and not had any call backs. I apply religiously on Gumtree every day for crappy jobs that i am more than capable of doing, yet i dont get them as i dont have the experience. I have tried finding work in cafes and restaurants but because i dont have 3 years experience no one wants to know. No one is willing to train you. I have applied to hold 'slow down' traffic signs, to be a cleaner, to hand out leaftlets, work in factories and still nothing. 

I am living on next to no money with Joe spending all that he does earn on our rent and food. Which leaves nothing for us to do anything fun.  For me i wanted to actually live out here, not just survive, i wanted to enjoy the first proper summer i have experienced in years, but i am not doing that as all my friends work, Joe works 6 days a week so i see him for one whole day on which, granted, he wants to relax. The summer is passing me by out here, I may as well be at home for all that i am actually getting to do out here at the moment. 

I dont know why out of everyone i know, i have had the worst trouble, or should i say luck, in finding work in the city. In April we will be going back to the packing shed just so we can earn some more - which yes i can agree that if you are wanting to travel is the best place for you as you can earn a lot. But like i said i wanted to live here. Now that isnt going to happen so we will go back to the riverland, earn some money, travel, come home and get a job.

The point of this post is to say, this isnt what i expected when i came out here, every blog i read said "dont worry, its easy" "you'll get a job easily" etc etc. I have not found this at all and i wanted to share my story with other people thinking about doing the same thing. Come a bit more prepared than i was, try sorting out work before you leave home, the first thing you get offered just take it even if it is something you will hate to do. Opportunities dont come along often out here.

Bronte x.



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