The Great Barrier Reef - By sea & air!

I was extremely lucky to be able to go and see the worlds largest living organism...yes you guessed it (and you read the title) THE GREAT BARRIER REEF. And it certainly lives up to its name - it is great. more than great infact, it is amazing. Most people (myself included) are pretty uneducated when it comes to the reef....So to learn a little more about it i watched one of David Attenborough's documentaries on it, I know he is the best teacher alive. I thought that the reef was one continuous thing..i didnt realise that it was made up of so many different coral reefs. Now that i think about it i am an idiot because that would be the longest coral reef in the entire world. 
The reef is actually made up of 2900 individual reefs and it is over 1600 miles long, so long in fact that it can be seen from outer space. Which you all should know...even i knew that one small fact. 

Here is a photo that i took from space, just to show you guys.

Nah i wasnt that lucky, i did see it from a helicopter though which i will get to. 

Another amazing fact about the reef is that it is not a plant. Coral is actually the exoskeleton of tiny animals called polyps, the animals attach themselves to the carbonate which makes the entire system a live one. Pretty cool.

The coral reef was something formed over generations, it didnt just appear over night  - the reef is also extremely valuable to our lives, it protects islands around it from eroding away. The reef is something that once it is gone cannot be replaced as a result of the way it has formed over the years.

 So everyone just leave it alone. It is not yours to mess with!

Anyway my trip was pretty awesome, the only downside being that the sea was really very rough which made visibility poor under the water so we couldnt really appreciate how incredible this place actually is. We saw a number of different fish, and a huge amount of jellyfish (non stingy ones) even so i didnt like the jelly fish. The best part by far was the helicopter ride that Joe and I went on. It lasted only 10 minutes but that was enough to be able to see how beautiful the reef looks from the sky; 

 All of these purple lines are in fact millions of jellyfish!

Pretty impressive huhh?!

Now i know you must all be seething with jealousy so that is it! 
If you ever get the chance dont miss out on the great barrier reef!

Bronte x



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