I keep forgetting!

I'm sorry i keep forgetting to post, I have been very busy over christmas - my dad came over to see me and we had been doing a lot with him, then after he left trying to find a job! 

Anyway I guess i will just carry on after the Great Ocean Road. 


Once we had driven the road we got to Melbourne - staying in the Habitat HQ hostel, which was a great hostel in St Kilda, about 15 minutes from the city by the tram and 5 minutes from the beach. The hostel would be best for single travellers rather than couples, but we still had a good time here! 

As for Melbourne itself i cant really say i was a huge fan. Now maybe i was expecting too much as people i had met were raving about how amazing it was etc. but i just didnt get that when we arrived. We were there for a week, so maybe we didnt spend long enough - although i tried to like it. The city itself is big but i felt like there wasnt really much there or much going on. It was all very spaced out. The beach in St Kilda was not very nice either, it was packed but the sand was just like sand you get back in the UK just bits of big broken shells. Compared to other beaches we have been to in Australia it was definitely the worst. 

One evening we went to Luna Park which is like a fun fair but as Australia's theme parks are all near Queensland it is the nearest thing they have. The Luna Park had apparently the oldest roller coaster in the world...but go anywhere in Australia they have the oldest or biggest or whatever. I'm not sure its too true. We only went in for a little while as the tickets for the rides were ridiculously expensive so we just hung about for a while then went home.

A couple of days it poured down so we went to the Aquarium, which was fun just like all other aquariums but we like to do things like that so we thought it was good! I even prefer that one to the one we have been to in Sydney. 

Don't think i will be going back to Melbourne! 


Before we left Melbourne for Sydney we decided to do it in two trips - Driving 7 hours to Canberra and then 3 hours to Sydney a few days after. We thought we might as well see the capital while we are were driving past. plus we need to give the van a break between long drives. He gets tired. 

Anyway when we finally reached Canberra we found a campsite to stay in - which i cant remember the name now, but it was about 20 minutes out of the city. it was a lovely site on a really nice river, i could have stayed here for much longer especially as it was so cheap - we didnt even have to pay as there was no ranger present either of the days we stayed. 

While we were here we did visit the city but it was pretty dead there was barely anyone around until about 1pm, they have a nice shopping centre but again it isnt that great. The best bit about Canberra is definitely the scenery it is a beautiful place, just a bit boring for backpackers! 

Sydney - waiting for Dad

When we arrived in Sydney we were meant to be staying at a friends house but after one night he said we couldnt stay any longer....annoying but oh well. We decided to go and stay in a camp site for a week as it was much cheaper than staying in a hostel. 

We went to the Del Rio River Resort which is an hour out of the city. It only cost $150 for the week whereas a hostel costs about $400 for the two of us. Joe and i really enjoyed staying at this camp site..we woke up early every morning because of the sun so we went out for a run every morning and most evenings, as there wasnt actually much else to do. There is a swimming pool which is a bit gross but it got so hot that it didnt really matter. We were pretty much the only two people there while we were there which was nice. 

I think we will both be coming back here at some point to stay in the van again - thats something that i miss driving around in the van living in it. Rather than staying in a hostel trying to find a job everyday!

Bronte x



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