I really am getting awful at writing on this blog, but i have been doing another blog and changing the layout for this blog - mid change. I am definitely going to try being more up to date with this blog from now - i have a few things to write about that we did over christmas, places we went to etc So here we go!

After out visit to Ayers rock we flew to Cairns which was about 3 hours a way - i think dont really remember all too well. The weather up in Cairns is very tropical and was different to Ayers rock, it was more humid and cloudy rather than unbearable heat. The whole time we were there it was cloudy and a couple of days it rained, which was a bit rubbish but we still had a good time! Cairns, Darwin etc everywhere at the top of Australia only has 2 seasons; the wet and the dry. We visited during the wet season. As soon as we landed i was reminded of Florida because of the humidity - i instantly loved it here! 
On the way to our hotel i noticed the trees had hundreds of birds in them....only as you look closer you realise they arnt birds they are bats! Literally hundreds of them hanging upside down from the trees, it was amazing as i have never seen anything like this before. When we arrived at our hotel the Shangri La (which is another amazing hotel we stayed in, i wanted to live in this hotel), we were lucky enough to see from our balcony all of the bats flying over head, we saw this again one night when it was about to get stormy thousands of bats were flying over to the rainforest! lovely.

Anyway what did we do in Cairns? i hear you all begging to know. 
Well we did go to the great barrier reef - but i'm going to post that separately .

We did do the Kuranda skyrail and train which was interesting, it was a gondola up over the rainforest and then a 2 hour train journey back through the rainforest. On the way up it poured it down the whole way so we couldnt get any nice photos of the scenery which was a huge shame! Before we actually got in to the skyrail we had to go to an aborigine museum and Joe and Isabelle got dragged up dancing; 
very funny. 

Anyway moving on we went up the skyrail stopping off at the red peak station, which was a walkway through part of the rain forest. Which was lovely.

Once we had got back on the gondola we reached the end are the Karunda terminal - This is such a nice place a little village right at the top full of shops restaurants etc. There is even a really nice market which looks like a hippy town - so cool! but it wasnt open when we got there and i didnt take any photos because like i said it was raining. 
After hanging about here for an hour or so we jumped on the scenic railway which was one of those old fashioned trains, with not very comfortable seats...but it went all the way back down through the rainforest. We stopped off once to take a photo (the one below) but after that we didnt stop again, and it was difficult to see the scenery as there are bars on all the windows and the windows are tiny, so to get photos you have to stick your camera right out the window. If you arnt sitting by the window you really dont see much either. But it was a nice journey. 

Bronte x.



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