Ayers Rock

When my dad arrived in Australia, we did a few things in Sydney for a couple of days and then we flew to Ayers rock. Now for some reason before i went i thought it was that rock with another rock on top...obviously i know nothing, turns out it is in fact a massive rock. The biggest rock in the world. Looking at it, it looks like a mountain, however it is not its just one piece of big rock, which is actually amazing. From the photo you cannot possibly see how big it is, its not until you get right up close to it that you notice just how large it is. 

While we were here we stayed in the Ayers rock resort at the Sails in the desert hotel. Probably my favourite one we have stayed in, but we were only there for a night ): The temperature when we arrived was about 40 degrees, absolutely baking hot. Cant even explain. However it wasnt really an unbearable heat like it is when it gets hot in Sydney. Just more humid. I loved the weather and i love the area...even though it literally is just red soil and a big rock. 

Sunset tour

When we arrived we were pretty knackered but we didnt have time to rest as we were doing the sunset tour of the rock. I think we were picked up at 6pm or maybe earlier...cant actually remember, but we were picked up and taken to the rock, we sat in front of it for a few hours watching the sun go down which was a nice sight...the rock changes colour as the sun goes down (well it looks like it is changing colour) Here i brought an aboriginal painting done by an actual aboriginal, was $20 which is about $100 cheaper than the real ones sold in the stores. 

After the sun had gone down we went to eat 'under the stars' even though there were like 2 stars out...we ate next to the rock which is also another experience i will not forget. The food was a bbq buffet and was lovely! Still really hot after the sun had gone down. Something i did not enjoy were all the big bugs flying around that seemed to only come out at night. 

Sunrise tour

Okay so we eventually got to bed but didnt have much time to sleep as at 4am we were being picked up for the sunrise tour, for this we went to a different spot a bit further away so we could see the horizon and the rock altogether. This was probably the best tour as i learnt a lot but also the sunrise was amazing to see. We were fed bacon rolls and tea etc and waited a few hours for the sun to rise, it was beautiful to see and again something i will never forget. Here are just some of the photos that i took during the sunrise. 

By this point i was dead out and so tired, but it wasnt over! our tour guide took us up close to the rock and we walked a little way around it. You are allowed to climb this rock when it isnt too hot or too windy etc etc as its very very dangerous, the only way to walk up is on the side where you hold onto a chain, that is all it is extremely dangerous as if you slip you will fall the whole way down...and die. When we went the climb was closed. I think that it should always be closed as to the aborigine people it is a sacred object that should be preserved. I think that it proves just how ignorant people can be if they decide to climb all over it..ignoring all signs that say we 'ask' you not to. As they have a choice people will be people and not care. 

Cave paintings. 

After our sunrise tour we rushed back to the hotel as we were leaving that same day to fly to Cairns. All so hectic, but it was worth it! 
I will never forget Ayers rock, to me it is one of my favourite places i have been to since i left home almost a year ago!

Bronte x


  1. Wow Ayers Rock is truly beautiful! Hope to visit one day! :)

  2. It is incredible! my favourite place in Australia (:


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