The Great Ocean Road

As we crashed our van we had to make a detour back to Adelaide to get the windscreen fixed and a few other things, so we had to put out Great ocean road trip on hold. But after all of that was out of the way we were on our way again! 

The day we left we were driving down to Portland, which was meant to take 6 ish hours (took us 8), we happened to leave on what was the hottest day in 8 months (37 degrees) typically and the heat was unbearable so we had to stop every hour (the van doesnt have air conditioning) as we were too hot..i couldnt handle it. I was also nervous driving after the accident so that made it even more enjoyable....

We eventually arrived in Portland which is a nice little town, we stayed in the dutton way caravan park which cost us $26 for the night, which was pretty good, we were so shattered after the drive that we ate and then went to bed. The next morning we drove around a little but couldnt be bothered to do anything so we carried on driving, we drove along the great ocean road to see the twelve apostles, loch ard gorge and the arch. All of which were amazing but it was raining so we didnt stop for too long. The roads to these things are not nice roads to drive in a van or a camper or caravan as they are really narrow and wind alot. plus the rain made it even more unbearable. Aside from that we did have a nice day.

After seeing these we started heading towards Apollo bay, but it was getting late and we were getting bored of driving so we decided to stop and stay over at Lavers Hill, we stayed in a camp site here called the roadhouse (something), this was only $10 and thats because it was behind someones house and it looked like we could be killed at any moment...i didnt sleep well worrying about killers. I have seen too many horror movies. After my horrible nights sleep we drove to the Otway fly, which was a treetop walk in the rainforest, this was amazing to do and worth the money (i cant remember exactly how much that was) 

We then drove through Apollo Bay through to Lorne, which was an area that i loved, my favourite place that we had been to on the great ocean road, we stayed in a camp site here, which was okay but as it was 'schoolies' week it was so noisy, may have been better on another week. In Lorne we also went to visit the Erskine Falls, which was a little out of the way, took our van a lot of effort to get up and down some of those massive hills. But we did make it eventually. 
Walking down the falls was nice but walking up was exhausting, i am so unfit. i literally couldnt breathe. 

 Bronte x.



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