Seal Bay!

Today we had an amazing day driving around Kangeroo Island, thankfully the weather was a lot nicer today so we got to appreciate how beautiful the island really is. We drove to Seal bay (which was just amazing), it took us about 50 minutes to get there and the scenery - even the roads are lovely; 

Anyway as you can see this island is lovely, words cant even describe. 
It did get even better however when we arrived at Seal Bay, now you can choose to do either a guided tour for $32 or a boardwalk one for $15, the guided tour you get to go onto the beach with the animals and see them even closer, so this is what we decided to do, and i am SO happy that we did as it was incredible! 

Seal Bay is a conservation park, home to 1000 Australian sea lions. They are extremely rare now a days - one of the rarest in the world, estimated at 14,700, of these 85% of them live in South Australia and the remaining 15% live in Western Australia. Seal bay supports the third largest colony in the world. In the 19th century these sea lions were almost hunted to extinction, which made this visit even more amazing! 

We were able to get within 5 metres of these animals which was definitely worth the extra money - even though it was cold. I cant even explain what it felt like to be so close to these animals and to learn more about them - this is why i want to study Zoology. I would be the happiest person ever. 

I couldnt recommend doing this enough if you ever happen to be in Kangeroo Island. 

There are a ton more photos on my Flickr of this; please have a look! 

Tomorrow we have another adventure! 

Bronte x. 



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