Paul's place!

I LOVE PAUL'S PLACE (wildlife sanctuary) 

There is not a lot to do on Kangaroo island so i had a look on trip advisor to see the main attractions, some of them seemed pretty boring to me but i noticed that this place had a lot of good reviews so we didnt really need to think twice about going here! As you can tell it was a wildlife sanctuary run by Paul, who was your typical crazy farmer, and his wife and some volunteers. It was $15 to get in and an extra $3 to have your photo taken with the koala (which was much cheaper than the $25 entry and $30 koala photo that we were going to do in Adelaide). The price was really good for everything that we got to do, it is an interactive experience, you get to feed all the animals (mainly kangaroos, emus, sheep, birds, ducks and horses), you get to hold pretty much anything (kangaroos, baby kangaroos, baby possum, snakes, lizards, birds, lambs and a lobster). I wasnt expecting to be as involved as we all were - we were in quite a small group of about 15 and Paul does all of the tours himself with a little help, he is great, he helps you to hold the animals and feed them, he loves what he does which makes it a lot better!

I think the sanctuary opened up about 34 years ago, he said. It is basically a place where sick and injured animals are brought to and he raises them and feeds them all until they are better, we were told that in all of this time only one animal has decided to leave the sanctuary - the animals are not locked in they are free to roam wherever they want, they choose to come back and stay everyday. Some of the reptiles were ones that people could no longer look after and so sent them to Paul! 

I would definitely recommend doing this if you are ever in KI. The opening times are limited as it proves for a more interactive day if the tour is once every other day for an hour or 2 - giving you the chance to see the animals up close and to feed them. 

Bronte x.



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