Kangeroo Island!

So on Wednesday morning Joe and I left early from Adelaide to catch our ferry to Kangeroo island. Now i have driven before obviously...but it was raining and really windy, the van literally collects wind, the slightest bit and it pushes you across the road. South Australia is known as the windy state, and for good reason...it was pretty scary..but Joe drove from Barmera to Adelaide so it was my turn. Anyway as i was saying the weather was awful (typically) and our van doesnt seem to accelerate very well so when we are going up hill it loses speed and goes so slowly its actually horrific. (apart from that he is perfect) This added time on to our journey, it should have only taken us 1 hour 30 to get to Cape Jervis, it took us a lot longer and we made it just in time as i think it was delayed because of the weather.

Once we actually made it on to the ferry, the sea was horribly rough and i never ever get sea sick but i did almost throw up a few times...when finally the trip was over we made it safely to kangeroo island...sadly it was grey and dull and rainy so i wasnt too impressed with it but all of that changed in the morning when the sun was shining!

We are staying in a lodge in American River called the Mercure Kangeroo island lodge. It is perfect for a couple of days, very simple and right on the sea, you can see all of the black swans from here, the island has a lot of these, and i was very surprised to see them as i have only seen one once i think back at home!

Today (Thursday) we went to Seal Bay it was just amazing, but i will write about that separately!

Bronte x.



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