I have heard many things about Adelaide, some saying it was the worst city in Australia and others saying that it was beautiful and they loved it, so i didn't really know what to expect when Joe and i set off in our van for the city. Anything had to be better than the riverland though so i doubt we could have been too disappointed.

(we brought a van in Barmera from some girls that we worked with, its a mitsubishi station wagon and we love him, he's pretty old and he doesn't accelerate very well but accept him for who he is....)

Anyway driving from Barmera to Adelaide took about 2/3 hours, we did get a little lost but thank god we just brought a sat nav otherwise i doubt we would have found our way at all...we just about made it...we had a few close calls as the area we were driving through was very 'hilly' and our poor little van had a lot of trouble getting up the hill, at one point we even lost speed and it was falling dramatically....needless to say panic had set in, but we sorted it out and managed to get over the hill. we shall try to avoid hills from now on... we drove through some beautiful is one, it was all farmland and we rarely saw any houses (so make sure you have a full tank before setting of anywhere in Australia.)

when we eventually got to Glenelg (the area we were staying in, which is on the coast, 15 mins outside of Adelaide) we were not disappointed, it is a stunning place to be, it is like a seaside town in England, just not as disgusting, or cold. We are staying in the Atlantic tower motor inn, on the top floor so we have a really lovely view of the harbour and can see a little of the sea. It is amazing, everyday i wake up like woaaaaahh...i could totally live here, I much prefer this area (and Adelaide city) to Perth a lot more. 

The Glenelg area is perfect as it has a good amount of shops, and places to eat and it is literally on the beach, you couldnt find a nicer area to stay (i dont think). The city centre is a 15 minute drive and about 35 minutes if you take the tram - which we have done once, it was great to do as it takes you right through the city, you can see everything. The city centre itself is also a lot nicer than Perth, it has a lot more shops which is perfect because i like to shop....and the atmosphere is just a lot nicer all round. has something for everyone! 

We are in Adelaide for a couple more days, sun bathing and shopping! we are pretty relaxed at the moment, i am not looking forward to when we have to live in the van. 

Bronte x.



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