Sorry i have not written in over 4 months, but i have been so busy working trying to get my 88 months regional work done, which i am exceptionally pleased to say that i have them done!

I was very lucky and got a job in the packing she pretty much straight away, I got there at just the right moment as exactly 88 days later the season finished (really early) and I luckily already had my days! 

I worked for the murtho pack house an I can say that it was a very stressful and tedious job, my first day I ached all over and cried when I got home...I couldn't believe I was going to have to do this for 4 months, my first day I was auto packing which meant I stood there all day making the boxes and putting them in the machine, the machine then put the oranges in the boxes etc...this was so stressfull, so much to do all at once. 

After my first day I was put in pre pack - packing the oranges into net bags by hand ALL DAY EVERYDAY oh my god was this even worse, time literally stopped in pre pack - no one spoke to me either which was even more depressing. After a week I was luckily saved and put onto sorting, I loved sorting (as much as you can love sorting Through  oranges) I was put on machine two (my packer was this awful man who was so incredibly rude to me from start to finish I wanted to punch him in the face daily. Hated that man) but I loved my machine, I had to stand there all day throwing away juice, downgrade and sour rot. Needless to say this got very tedious some days and some days the days just flew past, but I am glad that for the last 3 months I was sorting. 

I also made some lovely Friends here people that I lived with and people that I worked with - I will miss the riverland! But am I glad to be back in civilization!

I will never forget my time here!! 

Bronte x. 



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