Hostel life; Nomads on Murray

 So after we escaped from Dons we got the bus to Barmera which is 2 hours from Mildrua, we decided to come here as two of our friends from Dons came here and they were recommended by friend who had previously stayed here so we knew that it had to be a little better. 

The company is called Nomads on Murray, and we spoke to the manager Leslie on the phone about work etc, she told us there would be work and she could save a place for us in the apartments, we are not in the hostel like our friends are as there was no more room but the apartments are actually nicer. 
Lake Bonney
I actually did my research on this place before arriving, all of the reviews on Nomads give 5 stars which also put my mind at ease. Barmera is a very small town, our apartment is right next to the lake Bonney which is just amazing, it is so calm here and very laid back, like i said in my previous post im glad that we stuck this out otherwise we might not have ended up here! 
Here we have made many more friends which is one of the best parts of travelling, it can also be the worst as you always have to say goodbye which sucks! Other than working we have been learning Korean from our Korean flat mates and i have also tried a little Korean food which i never would have done if i hadnt met these people.

We have also been working but i will put that in another post!
 If anyone would like the number of this place just message me and i can help you out, as i dont think the place is listed online.

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