Regional work - what they don't tell you.

Okay so I am so glad that joe and I have decided to get our 88 days of regional work out of the way. (especially so quickly having 9 months left of our current visa). 

After what happened in Mildura and talking to a lot of backpackers about their visas it looks like we have done the right thing by trying to get this done as soon as possible. We spent 2 months in Perth and quickly got sucked into the lifestyle there, had we stayed there for 6 months working (as was the original plan) we would have had only 6 months to actually get our regional work when I arrived in Australia I thought it would be so easy to get regional work as all of the websites tell you "there is always regional work all over Australia, so its very easy to find" etc well I have one thing to say...LIES, MASSIVE LIES.

It took joe and I 2 weeks to find what we thought would be our lucky break....mildura and as anyone that read my post will know that didn't work out too well...that was 2 more weeks, obviously equalling to 1 month now of we have left this until later that would have left us with 5 months to finish our work, which is not enough time, now you may be able to just about scrape by but going on what others have said to us they have spent 3 months working a total of 1 month or more as farm work is so dependent, crop dependent, dependent on how many workers are available etc 

People we are living with have about 2 months left to complete 2 months of work which means full time work all day everyday which is not possible, as for example: we picked oranges for 3 days before we had a break as the oranges weren't selling quickly enough and now its too cold to pick so we have been out of work for a week - luckily as we weren't on a 'proper' job we can swap jobs, we were moved to pumpkin packing which went wrong, then joe was out on another farm where he had to put posts in the ground - going this now, and today I finally have an induction in a packing shed WHICH EVERYONE WANTS! As its a set job. 

However even jobs like that arnt consistent - the boys on the potato harvest don't have work for a week, and the packing sheds depend on how much fruit is picked etc. 

Now if joe and I had left this later like most people we might have run out of time - luckily we have enough time for things to go wrong and it not be stressful unlike the majority here who are completely stressed as they are running out of time! 

Just make sure you;

1) always leave enough time
2) expect for things to go wrong
3) lower your expectations about where you will stay and what kind of work you will do
4) organise everything 
5) trust your gut! 
6) don't expect anything to be easy
7) expect the unexpected! 

I hope that I can help some of you to find what you need as I know how HARD we have had it the last few months trying to get out work done etc. 

Bronte x



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