Hostel life; Britannia on William

So while i was trying to think of something new to add to my blog after having writers block for what feels like forever i came up with the genius idea of a 'hostel life' post so that i can write weekly about the places that we are staying in and you can all see what happens while we are there. It will also hopefully help some new travelers in deciding where to stay.

I am a bit late in doing this though as i have been traveling since march so i cant go back and write about the other places i have stayed in which is a shame as i could have written a lot about other places, but anyway this one is a treat for you...

Well here it is, welcome to what has been our home for just over a week. (before this we were staying in a nice little flat that we had rented for 3 weeks, so as you can imagine this place was a bit different.)

Britannia on William...sounds so amazing - we decided on this one as it was the cheapest for private rooms, at $31.50 PER PERSON might i add whilst the others were around $40. Paying per person for a double room is stupid also as for 2 it is $63 and for 1 it is also $63. so the way they price things is a lie basically. We actually booked one night in a 4 bed dorm as online it said that the private room wasnt avaliable for one of the nights, however when we arrived we were put into a private room for our whole time (which was better). So it started off okay....

The hostel itself from outside looks quite nice, it looks quite small, but once you get inside it is like the tardis, the whole upstairs belongs to the hostel so a whole block(?) i think its called all above the shops etc are rooms for the hostel, spread above 2 floors. We were feeling pretty alright about this place as we walked up the stairs, a little run down but it is inside a huge old building so that is to be expected. Our room was on floor 1 room 31, okay so this is it.

First impressions - prison. last impressions - prison.

Now i will never do anything likely to land me in jail (not that i would have before but you know) the room was literally 4 very high walls, a bunk bed (with no ladder, so i have to scramble to the top) a floor fan and a very hideous vent in the ceiling which is your only source of air. Now as it is the winter thats not too bad although it is freezing in the room sometimes, however in the summer i can imagine you would probably boil to death, the air circulation is very bad. So bad that Joe's eczema has flared up really bad, and hes really uncomfortable all night. But it was all we could afford so we cant complain....much. NO WINDOWS. The picture they show online is of a dorm at the front of the building which has a lovely big window...if you are lucky enough to be put in one of these rooms then im sure you will enjoy your stay.

Lovely vent.
The Kitchen is long but very narrow, there is little prep space especially if there are a lot of people trying to cook all at once. There are about 4 or 5 hobs with gas (make sure you bring a lighter or buy matches because the hostel doesnt provide them) plenty of cooking space right? wrong. on the hobs only the big rings work, it still takes ages to cook anything, but the other 3 on all of the hobs do not heat up at all....although they are on fire. So its strange. Meaning only about 3 people can cook at the same time. Which is a problem as soon as it gets past 6.30pm.

A lot of people complanied about the cleanliness of the hostel but we have found it to be clean, the toilets and shower facilities are good (some shower heads do not move up so you have to crouch if you go in the wrong one.) Other than that they are always clean...Joe did say the boys toilets smelt like wee.

The hostel on the weekend is a very noisy place, as all the walls are apparently paper thin you can hear everything going on, someone walks somewhere you can hear them from in your room..but we are always knackered so fall asleep pretty easily. Although as the top of the door is open you get a blinding light shining through at all times...i had to buy an eye mask to be able to sleep. The massive light in the room also gives me major headaches as it is SO bright but it the only source of light.

Now the hostel isnt amazing but im sure we will stay in places a lot worse, maybe even the one we move to next will be bad. who knows. But i didnt like this hostel at all....we literally went stir crazy in the room and tried to spend as little time as possible inside it.

 and its not cheap.

Anyway that is our week so far, hope you enjoy reading about it as much as i enjoy revealing what its like to everyone. Until next week!

Bronte x



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