Australia seems to keep amazing me, there is always something new to find and see. A few days a go Joe and I decided we should go to the beach as the sun was actually shining fully - its been really cloudy here the past few weeks as they are in their winter (although its still around 19 degrees every day). I had read in a Perth travel guide (because i'm getting old and they are actually quite useful)  that Cottesloe beach is one of the nicest beaches and surrounding area in Western Australia, i had also seen it on trip advisor as one of the most recommended attractions. Obviously we decided to go down and check it out.

We left the flat quite early as it was so sunny and we wanted to beat the clouds. (just in case). We walked to the station and payed for our tickets (after debating wether we should actually go down to Fremantle as there are more things to do and see, but we stuck to Cotts) it cost us $4 each, ticketing over here is so different to buying a ticket back home, you have to choose your zone and you have like 2 hours to use the ticket, you can use the same one as a return as long as its used within that time frame - you cant actually get a return ticket like at home....its so weird and its so annoying but not as infuriating as it was trying to get home (but i will save my rant for later). Cottesloe is about 20 minutes on the train so not too far away - i read online you had to walk for ages to actually get to the beach, but i was pleasently surprised when we arrived as it was literally 5 mins from the station.

First impressions; its looked boring and like a sunnier, more modern version of Hythe back home. As we walked towards the beach however we noticed that all of the houses were massive, i think a lot of people use them as holiday homes or whatever, some are also flats and i think there is a hostel on the beach too. Anyway this is the kind of place you want to live if you are living in or near Perth, the houses were amazing, the streets were lovely and it was quite and right next to the beach.

After walking past all of these amazing houses we got the beach, there was a little bay were most people were sitting but the beach does go on for miles. Anyway we set up etc and then the clouds came, i said to Joe we should walk around and wait for the sun to come out, but Joe had other ideas, we waited for about an hour maybe longer for the sun to come out, and by that time i was so COLD that i was in a bad mood and wanted to leave, we got dressed and decided to walk along the coast. All we could smell was fish and chips but i had made yummy (boring) sandwiches and we had to eat them to save our money, apparently we have been told that fish and chips here is even better than back in England, but i dont know...we are yet to try.

Having bypassed the fish and chips we thought we could buy ourselves something nice so we went to the shop that sold Frozen yoghurt, now this was our first time eating froyo but oh my god its amazing! i see so many photos on instagram etc of people eating this that was eager to try, and now i understand. We had blueberry flavour with chocolate on it mmmm. You are meant to eat it with fruit etc as its meant to be super healthy, but chocolates better.


After all of this the sun eventually came out and we went and sat on the beach for about 2 hours just reading which was very nice, obviously because readings like my favourite things because im an old lady. But Joe has actually read so much since we have been gone! I cant believe it before we left in 2 years i dont think i'd  seen him  read anything that wasnt about longboarding or a marvel comic. So yay Joe can read.

The more we see of Australia the more we love it, we've been here almost 2 months and i cant imagine going back home, not yet anyway, we both feel at home here. Its like home away from home. In fact we were talking about it last night how if our families lived here it would be even better. But they dont so its fine.

Joe loving life.
Just going to add this in here; The day after we visited Cottesloe we went to Subiaco which is in Zone 1 actually so cost $2 each, This is described as Perth's premier shopping area....its not, its not very big, the shops arnt great, the only thing good is there are a lot of nice places to eat. In fact im not loving the places to shop in Perth, its not a very big city and the atual stores arnt that amazing, most of the clothes look really cheap and most of the shoes are plastic. Although there are a few nice shops and a lot of nice places to eat so thats okay. Perth is rubbish for books! and books cost $20-$30 here which is ridiculous. sort it out Australia. 

Other than that we are still enjoying ourselves!

Bronte x



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