The wonderful wizard of Oz

Okay so I started reading this as I had just been to see the new film about Oz and so wanted to actually read the classic...that and to see if its actually any good.

I didn't actually realise that when I started reading it, it would end up being pretty symbolic to me at this time in my life. Maybe having dome English literature at school and enjoying it too much I'm unable to read a book without noticing symbolism. I don't know, I just know it 'spoke to me'.
Even if its a kids book.

The first thing I noticed was obviously Dorothy was living in a world of grey back in Kansas and she was to begin with a happy child who didn't care about her surroundings but as she grew older she got bored just as I had, and maybe subconsciously wanted to leave....introducing the cyclone that took her to Oz!

Which ironically is where I am.....i was like oh my god this books about me...even if it was written before I was born.

Anyway along her way she obviously met the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion. All of which wanted to join her in her travels to the emerald city. They along with Dorothy were all looking for something, some brains, a heart and some courage. And they believed that the wizard could grant this for them.

In the novel they are all referred to as travellers, which made me realise that when somebody is travelling they are searching for something....for me I'm not sure what it exactly is but I left looking for something more than ashford, and England as I whole. I think the country is on its way down to be honest. But anyway I was getting bored of work all the time and not doing anything while I wasn't at work. And I'm only 20!

I also left because I guess I needed to find myself as I don't know why I'm here (on earth) I must have a purpose, I just have to find it! My purpose was not to become a teen mum like so many in England actually want to be...thus ending their lives forever, or to be a bum or to only live in one place my entire life. I found when I was living in England I have zero motivation to do anything apart from leave, but being in Australia and loving it,I actually want to do a university course probably on open university - either in zoology or teaching. Two completely different things, but being here I actually feel motivation to do something. If I want to study I just have to apply for a student visa which allows to me, well be a student.

As the novel progresses its clear to the reader that all 4 characters always had what they were looking for inside of them. I think I have what I'm looking for and always have done I have just needed to be in the right environment for that to come out. Maybe it will come out more as I'm away longer and I will start to realise what I want.

One thing I do know from the people I have met and the things I've seen so far (especially in thailand) is that I am very lucky. I am lucky to have grown up in England as it gave me the chance to come out here, I am lucky to have had really good friends at home that are always there for ,e and I am very very very lucky to have my family who help me in any way possible and who supported me fully in coming away (even if my mum and dad are missing their favourite offence Ellis and Quinn, but its true...and I'm joking in case any of you cry)

Anyway by the end of the story they all get what they want with help from others and we'll see how this one ends....

Bronte x



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