Cirque du soleil

 So on the 23rd may I finally after about 4 years got to see a cirque du soleil show; in perth Australia. The show that we went to see was called 'ovo' this was a show based around a day in the life of insects. Why is there an egg in it, I hear you screaming at the screen - well there's an egg in it because a fly finds it and brings it into their insect world. Exciting stuff. Ovo is Portuguese for egg. Ovo was created and directed by Brazilian dancer/choreographer Deborah Colker – she was actually the first woman to create a Cirque du Soleil production. The show heavily relies on Brazilian music which was all performed by an incredible live band nothing was pre recorded which I loved, also of course involving dance performances mixed in with the traditional circus arts; it premiered in Montreal in 2009 and is currently touring Australia. I can't even begin to describe how amazing this was. I have been having a weird fascination with the circus in the last year or so, mainly 1920's circus and the time of the Ringling brothers, who were very famous in the world; their circus was founded In 1884 by 5 of the 7 Ringling brothers


 Anyway they aren't really relevant to what I'm writing about, other than the difference between these kinds of circus, Ringling brothers and many other circus now a days had and have all the cliche circus shows and events. However the cirque du soleil is different, it is an incredible acrobatics display it is visually amazing, not just because of what some humans can do with their bodies but because of the way the show is created, everything fits together perfectly and it looks like a piece of art. That's what I think anyway!
 My favourite scene from the show.
 Despite the French name, the cirque is a Canadian entertainment company, the company itself was founded in 1984 by 2 former street performers. it is described as a dramatic mix of circus art and street entertainment. And I guess this would be correct, I can't find words to actually describe what it is. Other than its worth every penny. What I will say is: don't waste your money on front row tickets the show is best seen further away as everything is visual and relies upon how it is seen and looks on stage, we had perfect seats at the back directly in the middle, so we had an amazing view of everything. A lot of the performances are based above the stage so sitting at the front you have to look up a lot...where we were we could see everything so clearly and didnt have to strain!

 As I was watching this brilliance in front of me I had a sudden depressing thought; I will never ever be able to do that, I will never be on stage bending - I guess that's one thing I know I can't do so one thing to cross off the what job do I want list. I would love to do that as a job - I would probably snap in half though as I'm incapable of even running, so I can't bend. I was depressed about that thought for a little while. I got over it in the end. Maybe if I bend enough I can become flexy enough...although by that point I probably would have missed the boat I think I I'll stick to just being me. Although I wish my mum (yes mum) made me do ballet when I was young...but I probably would have moaned so much. Now I wish I had done it, I want to be a ballerina. Which isn't even related but would also be amazing.
 Going to see the show I feel my life is a bit more complete than it was before. So that's always very good. While we were here we actually had our first beer in a month! Because we are poor.

I can't say anymore, just go and see it. (I didn't take these photos as we weren't allowed cameras) Bronte x



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