Northbridge O day festival

On Sunday joe and I were planning to go to the fun, we need free fun because we have no money, but anyway we left our hostel and walked a minute up the road (the museum is behind the hostel on the next road or block whatever they call it). And we noticed there were a lot of people hanging about and it looked like there was some kind of school fete going on....but it was actually a festival (a small one more like a gathering, but it was called a festival). It looked pretty cool so we hung about before going into the museum later.

I didn't really know what the O in O day stood for, but I looked when I got home and it literally just meant "open day" bit of an anti climax really as I thought it was something more meaningful. However the concept of the festival was a really good one, it is a day for all the local small businesses to get together and show off what they had to offer. (There were also live local bands which made it a festival) anyway I was very impressed with all the different stalls, and how keen they all were to talk to you about what they make and what they sell! As I said I loved all the stalls but I did have a few favourites....I actually bought something from one of them..a new necklace as I left all of my jewellery at home and in proper stores they were all so expensive, and this one looked like one from a store that me and joe love called the pigeon hole (so expensive for nice jewellery) it's a little like our urban nice! But anyway I wanted to buy something from everywhere as it was all so lovely...I did pick up some cards from the other stalls that I liked....

The one I bought my necklace from was a stall called 'the bunny' which was lovely and something that I had seen online before...I think on Instagram I'm not sure, but they sell jewellery with this cute bunny on it, that as the lady behind the stall was telling me is a famous bunny, as she wears a lot of Chanel and is a very chic bunny....the jewellery with the bunny on I believe was all hand painted on...not sure if it was porcelain or plastic, but it was so nice! I was going to buy a ring with a little bunny on but I have 1000 rings with me and 0 necklaces, so I bought the black necklace which you can see in the photo. As you can see they make other jewellery not just ones with bunnies on.

Go to to see it all (:

Another stall which joe and I both purchased something from was called 'la paleta' which as the card says sells Mexican ice treats. And they seriously were treats! So good, they were $4 an ice lolly which I guess may be quite a lot however they were so good and obviously all hand made, the flavours on offer were not normal flavours, which made it even more interesting, I really wanted a salted caramel one, but they were all sold out! So in the end I went for watermelon chilli, which at first was a bit like whaaaat is going on, but it was actually so nice! It was obviously cold because it was ice....but the chilli gave it a hot kick which I have never had before, especially In an ice lolly, and well the watermelon side was just as good, the flavours actually went together so well! Joe had a more normal flavour, a raspberry and peach one, which was also lovely. What I really liked was it made was made with real fruit and with real chilli, it wasn't just flavourings. If I was having a party or whatever, I'd want La Paleta there!

The last two stalls I visited were called 'a story of' and 'white square'. They were both jewellery stalls, which both sold amazing jewellery, I wish I had enough money to buy from these two as well, but I just didnt ): the lovely thing about these stalls and most of the stalls I visited was that everything was handmade, the jewellery on 'a story of's stall was amazing, I think this was all made on porcelain, and broken china. All of the images on the necklaces were all hand painted on , there was a lovely one with a wolf on it that I really wanted but didn't get, I believe it was about $35, not too sure. But even while we were there the girl that I think made them, was painting another necklace. It was so lovely and she's very talented! They also had a few necklaces made from wood. The other was 'white square' which made things from wood. Their etsy store at the moment has two of their brooches on it. You can see on their website where their jewellery is stocked.

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