Koh Phangan

After our trip to Koh Tao we got got on yet another boat to take us to Koh Phangan. Which is infamous for the full moon party, this is mainly the only reason people actually come to this island, and having spent 5 days there I am am not surprised. I did not really like the island itself, there is not much to do during the day unless you have enough money to go on boat tours, boat trips to the marine parks or money for scuba diving. Which we unfortunately did not.

Arriving at Thongsala pier we had to get a tuktuk to our hostel which was in Ban Thai, only about 40 minute walk, 15 minutes by taxi or moped. Most of the drivers wanted to charge us 100-200 baht per person but we kept looking and someone eventually offered 50 baht per person (don't always go for the first one you see as you can most probably get it cheaper). We arrived at our hostel around 1pm, we stayed in a place called the hard road cafe...they also are the same people that own hard road villas, which is where the swimming pool is located (about 2 mins down from hard road cafe). Anyway we were all really surprised at how big and clean the hostel was as we were only paying 99 baht a night which is the equivalent to £2, joe and I only paid 500 baht each for 5 days. Being so cheap we thought it would be a dump, but as I said we were so happy with what it was actually like. The communal area was big with tv and play station, they had computers for use (we were meant to pay to use them although I never did). They had a place to eat in the hostel which was quite expensive compared to prices outside, there was a jacuzzi and ping pong. We stayed in a 14 bed mixed dorm, however It wasn't full as everyone had left the island after the full moon party. Here we met some lovely people.

Across the road from the hostel was the nearest beach....it wasn't very nice, the sand was just small stones, lots of rubbish etc. when staying at the hard road you get a free welcome drink at the beach bar, which was on this horrible beach but the bar itself was really nice (and the free drink was also very nice).

The same night that we arrived we found our favourite place to eat out of everywhere we have eaten whilst in thailand, it was family owned and literally was in someone's house, the best thing about this place was everything on the menu was 50 baht! The food was amazing and so cheap!! It was a 2 minute walk out of the hostel. It was lovely as the women who lived there cooked alone, which meant when it was busier we had to wait a little while...but it was always worth it. They did the best garlic and pepper chicken that I have had to date. All of us ate and had a drink each for £260 baht which is under £5. When joe and I went alone it was under £3 for a meal! I think it was called the lifestyle restaurant.

MOPEDS - on the second day we rented mopeds as the island is very spread out and you would have to walk for miles just to get into a proper village or into any other place with lots of people and things to do. To rent they were 150 baht per day joe and I rented them for 3 days as the other two decided to leave after 2 days. We rode all over the island, found some more beaches which were as bad as the first one. We did go to what I think was somewhere man made called Malibu beach....this was the nicest place but there were loads of boats docked where you were meant to swim. We also went In search for bottle bay which is supposed to be amazing however to get there you had to literally hike over a mountain which would have taken hours....no thanks I would have died it was way too hot.
We drove down to haadrin which is the town where the full moon is held. (We didn't go as I didn't fancy having my drink spiked or being kidnapped or shot or passing out and being left alone for god knows what to happen to me) Haadrin beach was the nicest the sand was lovely and the sea wasn't like getting Into a bath which all of the others are like....which is not nice when your skin feels like its on fire and you just want to cool down.

TOAST - my first piece of toast in like 2 weeks made me so happy, (nice toast) we ate breakfast at a place called the canteen, it was owned by an English man WHICH IS WHY THE TOAST WAS SO NICE.

HOSTEL FRIENDS - we met some people from our hostel who were all so much fun, meeting them made for the most fun joe and I have had since being here.

HALF MOON PARTY - yes instead of doing the full moon we did the half moon, which isn't as big a thing as the full moon but I have heard is a lot better, more expensive at 500 baht a ticket but it was so worth it! We had an amazing time, got lots of uv paint on us as it was very much trance music which normally scares me...but it was so good! It was held in the jungle and was packed.

We spent the next day recovering and in the evening went out for what ended up being the weirdest but best night...

Anyway we are now back in Samui staying in chaweng in z hotel which is alright for £8 a night, we are off the Bangkok on Tuesday until Saturday when we leave to go to Australia!

There is also a ripcurl here and I want to buy it all but it is so expensive ):

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