Bangkok - day two

We had only been in Bangkok for two days and it was again another knackering day..and we didn't even do much.

Even though I am writing it 2 days later I will write it as I have in my diary just because its less effort to do that....

So today we went to the Siam centre which is a huge shopping complex in Bangkok, it was about 30 minutes away from our hotel...we went by taxi which was another distressing fed up of people trying to rip us off like we are morons. Basically the hotel said we should pay no more than 100 baht to Siam centre if we went by taxi meter which is the same as we have in England...however we aren't in England we are in thailand and normal rules do not apply anywhere it seems, so they turn their meters off..and you actually have to ask them to put it on. Because they are scammers. They tried to charge us 400 baht so obviously be one would turn their meter on so we asked a security guard to make them..that worked and it only cost us 80 baht instead of 400...seriously get lost. (The same happened trying to get home)

Anyway the centre is incredible! There are hundreds of shops a lot of money bag ones...meaning you have to be married to an old man to be able to afford it, but they also had lots of high street shops! I only bought a skirt but joe bought some new vans and a new bag because its all so cheap here...and in Australia we won't be able to even buy food so whatever.

The centre had a massive cinema, an aquarium and a Madame Tussaud's. I really wanted to go to the aquarium but we didn't have enough money.

We walked around the centres from 10-6, so all day, that it how big it is...needless to say after more horrible taxi drivers we arrived back at the hotel absolutely knackered...we went out though to buy our water pistols for songkran the next day which is the celebration for the Thai new year.

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