Bangkok - day three

On our third and final day in Bangkok we were just going to do nothing because we are so tired from the traveling and how busy we have been...we haven't actually had a rest since we left England, which is stupid because we were on the beach for most of this month. But whatever. We have been busy. Anyway we decided whilst we were in Bangkok we might as well actually go and see the main we had money left over and had to spend it as the currency is so weak it would be pointless changing it into Australian dollars. So like the official traveler I am I went on to trip advisor to seen what the most recommended attractions were in Bangkok...number one was temple of dawn (Wat Arun) we didn't actually do to this one as it was over the river and we couldn't be arsed to do be honest. Some of the other top ten were the temple of the reclining Buddha (Wat Po), temple of the emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo) and the grand palace. So we decided to go to the two temples and the palace.

WAT PO - I found this temple amazing, inside the temple is a massive reclining Buddha...literally so big I can't even explain (you will have to see photos ....when they actually upload) the temple itself is also incredible the artwork everything is just amazing...I am not normally speechless and I had been to a lot of nice places but here I was like "woooooooow it's aaaamaaaazing" the whole time...I can't put into words and the photos don't do it justice because its too amazing. This cost us 100 baht each...You have to be careful in Bangkok of idiots trying to con you (again) tuktuk drivers will wait outside all the tourist attractions and tell you that they are closed for an hour due to holidays or whatever,..this is not true, they are not closed in fact they are full. They just want you to get on their tuktuk and spend that hour having them take you to pointless places. So don't listen to these people.

WAT PHRA KAEO AND THE GRAND PALACE - first of all you have to pay 500 baht each for this as its entry to both attractions and a few other things around the grand first we were a bit sceptical but I am so glad we did pay as the temple of the emerald Buddha was even more amazing than Wat Po. Literally so beautiful I don't even understand that it exists. When you step out the walls back into normal Bangkok its a bit rubbish...I want to live in the temple but whatever. This one was huge also the temple itself and the buildings were amazing again words or photos would not do it justice. The emerald Buddha is a small Buddha on the top of a mountain of gold objects and it is beautiful inside (you can't take photos of the Buddha which sucks because it was lovely) but this was definitely my favourite place I have been too and worth the money. The grand palace is In the same can't go in but the outside is amazing..we also went to a museum of all the queens clothes which are as you can imagine again AMAZING. Omg at word is describing my life at the moment. Brilliant.

Anyway when we had finished we went back to the hotel and had a rest because we are not like normal 20 year old and we need our rest. We got ready to go and celebrate songkran which is the Thai new year, we filled our water pistols up and braved outside....after 5 minutes we were soaked and covered in white chalk...they pour water over each other to symbolise washing away the omens from the previous year!

I am so glad we were around to see that as it was something I won't forget! The Thais know how to celebrate...if that was england someone would have been punched within the first 10 minutes.

Anyway I am no longer in thailand I am in Australia! And will update when I find a charger for my iPad.

Bronte x



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