Bangkok - day one

There is far too much to say about Bangkok to put it into one post.

We left for Bangkok on the 9th April, leaving the comfort of the small island behind and going out into the real world. I started the journey feeling so excited about being in Bangkok as I really didn't know what to expect....I had this image built up in my head...but anyway I will get on to that later.

We started our journey at 1.30pm getting the boat from Nathon pier, this took about 1 hour 30 minutes..I am not sure where we docked but we had to get on a coach to take is to Surat Thani to get another bus from there upto Bangkok, we figured we would be on a similar coach....but we weren' got to 6pm and I updated my diary with this;

"We'll I think we are on the bus's more like a mini van made out of a tin Surely we can't be in this for a 12 hour journey?! There's not even a toilet!! (At the time I seemed to be needing the toilet all the time) there are 8 of us in here...we are all very close..almost touching, maybe we should have upgraded to the VIP bus, it had to be 100 times better than this? The only plus side is its so cool I'm here the air con actually works...oh we'll cant write now will write later."

I then go on to say;

"PANIC OVER!!!! We weren't on that horrible little bus for the journey it was just taking us down the road to the big bus station! The bus we are On now is brilliant! Reclining seat...that are actually comfortable, air con and lots of space!"

So after my blonde moment I realised we were on a better bus...even in thailand they wouldn't make you sit In a tin can for more than an hour! It wasn't too bad for 600 baht to be fair it was clean and comfortable although the air com did make us freeze so I ended up wearing a coat....of all things.

We arrived In Bangkok on the 10th April at 4.30am, now we were told as were all the other travellers on board that the bus dropped us In khao San road...but oh no he just left us on the other side of Bangkok at a bus station forcing us to get I'm a taxi...4 of us shared a cab he charged us 800 baht which was such a rip off! We should have asked for meter but I didn't know you had to do that at this point. Anyway at 4am all we wanted to do was get there safely! We did at is where I was a little put off Bangkok instantly...khao San road at 5am is horrible, all the dregs from the night before are going home...all the gangs were out and to top it off we saw a boy with blood all over himself who had literally just been beaten that was a nice welcome to Bangkok (we were going to walk to our hotel but after this we thought we better get a tuktuk which we did and again got ripped off.)

We are staying In the Navalai river resort literally 5 mins from khao San, I am so glad to be in a hotel for once, the showers are nice the beds comfy..just better than a hostel, only downside is not really meeting anyone...although we are so knackered we just wanna sleep.

That same day once we had a sleep we decided to walk around the area. I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful everyone was giving us directions etc helping us...this did eventually get annoying when every time we stopped to look at a map we were jumped on. Now I didn't realise but we got pulled into one of bangkoks scams....we were offered a tuktuk for 10 baht a person to take us to 4 we said yes...the only catch was we had to spend 5 minutes in the exports and a tailors so the tuktuk driver got free gas. Some drivers I have heard actually bypass the attractions but ours actually took us everywhere we wanted to go. We saw the big Buddha, some smaller temples and the marble temple.

That night we went to khao San road which at reasonable hours (not 5am) has a much better atmosphere!

Back to my thoughts on's not what I expected I imagined it wouldn't be as run down as it is, I thought it would be different from the islands but its not, it's like all of the islands pushed together...I am still unsure as to whether or not I actually like it...but we will see.

Bronte x



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