Hi everyone (or just my mum and dad)

I have been a bit MIA for a while but only because we have had a lot to do, but now I can write properly again (:

I am in Perth, Western Australia longer in Thailand which is nice. It's nice to finally be back in the real world, after a month of sun and beaches I did actually have enough of the country and the culture. When we are walking down the street we no longer hear "hey! Hey! Taxi taxi taxi taxi" which is AMAZING. We are also back to real money...Thai money makes no sense to me as the currency is so weak that its just strange...being in Australia we have already found it easier to budget our money, as the money 'makes sense'. Island life may be for some people but I can now safely say its not for me, I couldn't live in that environment for too long, however I can say that city life is for me at the moment....being only 20 I guess that's a good thing, more people, more things to see and do. Although saying that there are no amazing temples to go and see...and the culture obviously is very western so it has its pros and its cons.

When we first arrived in Perth we were SO tired of one month we had taken 4 planes, 5 boats, 1 horribly long bus journey and too many to count tuktuks. That is too much, I'm not an experienced traveler yet but I'm sure all of that moving around would take it out of anyone. Anyway we arrived at our hotel in Scarborough at 7 am having landed at 5am and having to try to make our own way there as we hadn't planned anything beforehand...which apparently in a big traveler must always make sure you know where you are going so you don't end up with hardly any options. The hotel we were staying in was the rendezvous hotel, which is quite an expensive place - we stayed here for 3 days which was nice as it gave our bodies a chance to catch up with us...I had been feeling really ill the last month with lack of sleep, lack of food and just a change of routine, however after 3 days in a nice room, nice food and spending a little time on the beach I was back to normal! Hooray (:

After staying I'm Scarborough for a few days we were ready to be in the city, Scarborough is lovely and great for surfing and skating and chilling but there is not a great deal to do down there. In Perth we are staying in Northbridge which is literally 10 minute walk into the city centre, we are staying In a hostel called the emperors crown, which again is a nice hostel (we have not yet been in a horrible one touch wood) I also think the job shop (helping travellers find jobs is around this road somewhere...we are yet to find it) actually being somewhere we would like to be for awhile we have been buying our own food etc the hostel has a big kitchen which everyone can use.i don't like cooking, but at least I am Learning a lot....

We have been staying in Perth now for 1 week and I love it! I feel so at home here, as does joe the whole scene here is perfect for us both, he loves it as there are so many long boarders etc here, lots of skate shops, surfers etc he can just skate around the city which is nice as you couldn't do that it London, its far too busy! I love it here just because I do the city is not too big and is easy to find your way around, within the city most places are walking distance, the shopping is good...a good mix of shops, the people are friendlier they seem to have more time for you as opposed to people back home, no one is rushing's not as fast paced as London which I like, I like the weather, I like the parks, I like the river here, I love how clean it is, I just love it! Which is good as we are here for a little while!

While we have been here we have not done a great deal,as we did in Thailand, we have been to the beach, been to the shops , a museum and the zoo, which is just over the river you can get a transperth boat across for $1.90, the transperth system here is brilliant, for anywhere in the city you can get a red cat, yellow cat or blue cat bus which are free ways of getting around, the buses out of the city are also not too expensive.

I don't really have much more to say other than I love Australia already!

Bronte x

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