Anzac Day

The 25th April is a day of remembrance in both Australia and New Zealand. ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand army corps, today commemorates everyone that died and fought in all wars, conflicts and peace keeping operations. The day is recognised as a public holiday, so that like Remembrance Day at home the public can pay their own respects to these soldiers. However unlike in England, today in Perth all of the shops are closed...except for a few cafes. In my opinion this is the way that it should be when remembering all of the people that died for your country.

While in England we do have a really good memorial service in London and in small towns that were effected there is not a whole day given to people that actually died for us. I remember being in school and we had a 2 minute silence....this was just 2 minutes at 11am on the 11th November as it marks the signing of the armistice between England and Germany....and then everything went back to normal after these two minutes, and how many people actually thought about those soldiers in those 2 minutes, I don't know. I know I always did. When I left school and started work there was nothing to recognise Memorial Day, sometimes the day went past and even I, I'm ashamed to say forgot about it. I strongly believe that this among other things is something wrong with England at this time.

While it may actually be my own responsibility to remember the dates etc I do believe the country as a whole should give more back. I know for a fact many people in England couldn't give a shit (sorry mum and dad) about Remembrance Day which I do find really sad, although I don't know anyone personally that actively fought in the war, I always feel a sense of pride when I think abut the soldiers that gave their lives....I know last year on Remembrance Day I thought about the soldiers at work whilst everyone else just walked around shopping. I realise that everybody may have their own way of remembering but I think on this matter we should take a leaf out of Australia's book and take a whole day out to mark this day. I do not think that shops should be open, I think that every town and village and city should do something to mark this day.

I just think that everyone should take a day out of their "busy" lives to remember people that gave them their right to the busy life they lead. The only other day people actually take the day off it Christmas Day. I don't believe that this day is as special as Poppy Day, and I believe this should be made a public holiday.

Bronte x



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