The world is your oyster....fantastic.

Okay so it is currently 2.30 am and i am awake stressing about going traveling and being away from home....beginning in just 2 hours. So i thought i might share my thoughts with you guys.

I have never traveled like this before, sure i have been abroad hundreds of times with my family and twice with my boyfriend, but never have i been away thinking that i might not be home for a while, the world is quite literally my oyster and although that is amazing it is honestly the most terrifying thought i have had (as of yet).

Today i worked my very last shift at Fred Perry, at first i was fine, it didn't really hit me that i wont be going in there to work again until about an hour ago. I loved my job there mainly because of the people i worked with and the company is fantastic. I also learnt a lot there it changed me in many ways and i am thankful for that. It is real now, we are going away and we will have to find jobs. I am officially unemployed and i don't know how some people live their life unemployed as the very thought is scaring me. Quite a lot.

I packed my rucksack all up last night, it took me a while as i kept thinking it was too heavy; I didn't even have much more in it that what i would usually take on holiday with me. The only difference being i have to carry it on my back, making it seem even heavier than it is. I had to cut my clothes down by half (WHICH I HATED) I love my clothes and i always like to make an effort, so just because now i am a "traveler" doesn't mean that you can't still look nice! My back pack is 65 L i believe and it is an osprey one, the good thing with a back pack is that you cant over pack and its hard to stuff everything in to something you actually have to carry.

Oh God 1 hour to go and i have to get up!! Ahhh. i'm scared.

Anyway despite all of my nerves and feeling like i am going to be sick every time i breathe I am excited...i think somewhere deep within myself i am! It is going to be a once in  lifetime opportunity. I am going to see and do things i never pictured myself being blessed enough to actually see or do. I am hoping that once i arrive and get used to being away I will really enjoy myself. Although when we arrive in Australia we will not have any jobs the thought of "where will my next pay cheque come from" will be something i hopefully don't have to go through again...but will be another experience that i will learn from.

I am very lucky to have family and friends that are so excited for my boyfriend and i and trying to keep me calm. In reality i don't need to be nervous as i know all of them will be here when i get home and whenever i have a matter where i am. Saying goodbye to my friends wasn't very nice though....

Anyway i am going to watch Friends and try not to think about what i will be doing soon.....




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