Koh Tao

The 28th of March was the day we left the comfort of the little villa in which we were staying rent free and ventured off to Koh Tao. (Although still not properly backpacking as we left our big bags at Emily's and only brought a small rucksack)

Our boat ticket from Samui cost us 600 baht each - not too bad but I think the price has gone up. Having left our villa and jumping on a boat (which took near enough 2 hours - stopping at Koh Phangan to pick more people up) we arrived in Koh Tao.

First impressions? - it is lovely, maybe even nicer than Samui...having been in Koh Tao for 3 days I can now say this...compared to Samui it is more like an island in the way that it is not so built up, it has lovely beaches, lovely bays, restaurants and a lot of places to stay.

We checked into our little hostel called 'utopia suites' which arnt really suite they are just rooms very basic but clean and the staff are very friendly! The first room we saw was a double room which was going at 650 a night...not bad but there are 4 of us. The second room was one with 3 beds in it we asked if all 4 could sleep in here to save some money and it cost us 500 a pair so 1000 baht a night which is like £20 between 4 people. So not too bad... Joe and I got stuck sharing the one bed. The room had no air con and the first night was horribly hot so I had no sleep...my first hostel experience wasn't too good. However as the days went on it got cooler so that was okay.

What have we been doing in Koh Tao?

Day 1) walked to Sairee beach which took
About 20 minutes this is the place where everything happens during the day and at night - has a good atmosphere and the each is lovely! Here we payed for our boat taxi to Nangyuan island which is a diving and snorkelling resort...it cost 200 baht each which was the cheapest fare we found...you must make sure you shop around before agreeing! I also had my first pancake over here more like a crepe covered in chocolate and it was amazing.

Day 2) NANGYUAN ISLAND - this is a beautiful island about 10 minutes away by boat, it does cost 100 baht to actually enter the island..you also can't take bottles on the Island as they want you to pay stupid amounts of water there (but if you hide it they don't know) here we walked to the top of the rock thing got se photos and then went snorkelling...I got horrifically burnt as I didn't apply sun cream enough and there is no shade on the Island because of the shape.

Day 3) CHALOCK BAAN KAO BAY - we walked to the south of the island (taking about 30 minutes, which isn't Long unless you are as burnt as I and feel as though your skin is about to burn off) plenty of taxis went past but we are all too poor to accept so we walked...the bay itself was okay it was beautiful like all of Koh Tao but nothing special. We ate lunch in a lovely restaurant (i can't remember the name) but it had a swimming pool that looked over the sea...the food was lovely as well I had an amazing chicken ceaser wrap!

That is all we have done in Koh Tao just relaxed and been burnt...tomorrow we leave for Koh Phangan our boat ticket there cost 300 baht each (again we shopped around for the cheapest price)

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