26th March 2013

Literally join me In the wild (kind of)

It has been 1 week since we landed at Koh Samui airport, 1 week and 1 day since we left our parents at the airport....
As I was packing what I might need for a whole year into my 65 litre backpack I didn't really feel as though I was going to be away for a long time, (and maybe I won't be....maybe I will be. Who knows and that is the beauty of it) but as I was approaching heathrow airport I started to feel very sick...sick with nerves, not wanting to say goodbye, leaving mum and dad, being stuck with a boy for a long time...every feeling in the world was going on. It started to hit me that I might not be home for a year. I can safely say that this feeling lasted until I got on to that airplane (we flew with Singapore Airlines which was lovely I can say FLY WITH THEM) anyway me feeling went away and I became extremely excited about what was about to come our way. The flight was long....11 hours and 55 minutes, this was tedious to say the least but we had loads of new films to choose from...(I watched Hitchcock, pitch perfect, Bernie, end of life of pi and the start of Lincoln).
We landed in Singapore for our 1 hour stopover and from what we saw of Singapore it looks lovely! Will definitely be going there one day. We then boarded flight number 2 to Koh Samui (1hour 30 minutes).
Needless to say we were ridiculously tired by the time we actually landed I'm Samui but as soon as I took in our surroundings I forgot all about that as Samui is beautiful....I thought and we hadn't even left the airport! We were picked up by Emily and Levi (some friends) and were taken to em's mums house. It was around 10.30am by the time we got to their house we had to keep awake as we were so jet lagged...we did have a few naps and them we went to maenam beach. Which was embarrassing as they were all lovely and brown and I resembled a ghost it was horrifying. (I a, slowly tanning now after a week :D)

Anyway moving on....what have we actually been doing the last 8 days?
Will sum it up with as little words as possible. Sorry.

Day 2) BIG BUDDAH - quite literally what the name says it is a big buddah statue in a temple...here we had our first blessing by a monk, however I don't think that this one was too legit because we had to pay....but the temple and the buddah and all the other statues were all very impressive. I also tried my first ever coconut here and I can safely say they are not for me...not a fan. That evening we went to Lamai, had food. I had my first pad Thai! Which is a dish famous with backpackers as its cheap and lovely! Cost me 50 baht which is around £1. Bargain.

Day 3) NIKKI BEACH - the boys were sent fishing and Fiona (ems mum) took us to Nikki beach which is a very expensive (popular with celebs) resort. They have branches all over the world and they are lovely. I have never been anywhere like this and it was beautiful! We had breakfast and drinks...luckily we received VIP tickets to their 4th year white party...it's all very "the real housewives"

We haven't really been living the backpacker lifestyle as of yet...apart from being stingy with money and cutting my boyfriends hair with a beard trimmer. But soon we will be 'slummimg it'

Day 4) CHAWENG - Em, Levi, joe and I went down to chaweng which is the more tourist area...(i was surprised that Samui has a massive tesco lotus and cinema etc.) we wandered around chaweng for a while went to the beach etc.on our way home we walked through an incredible hotel called the library...it looks amazing and I would love to stay there one day!
BO PHUT - That evening we went down to Bo Phut to fishermans walking street...this happens every Friday (there is also walking street in Lamai If I remember correctly) this is a really popular event with tourists and locals. Lots of food stalls, clothes souvenirs all cheap and lovely! Something I would recommend to anyone going to Samui!

Day 5) ELEPHANT TREKKING - I had been dying to see the elephants since leaving home, and I wasn't disappointed...they were lovely and as far as I could see they were treated fairly well. The actual ride itself was not as great as some others I have seen but it was okay.

WATERFALL - we then went to see the waterfall which was beautiful but unless you drive to the top it takes ages and burns your legs...but it's all part of the experience right?!

MUMMIFIED MONK - self explanatory literally a dead mummified monk in a glass case in a temple....very interesting! Here we had our proper blessing done...we were actually blessed by a proper monk! The better of the two blessing experiences...

Day 6,7,8) just relaxing as on Thursday we are off to Koh Toa and them Koh Phangan for a week pr so...actually living in hostels so I can review some when we are back!

So far since leaving I have not looked back. I love my family and know they are always there, but there is always something more to see and experience!

Bronte x



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