Story of a dreamer.

I have had this saying on my wall for about 3 years; always there first thing i see when i wake up last thing i see when i go to bed. It has always been in the back of my mind and it always is in the back of my mind, however i never really pay much attention as i am more of a dreamer than a doer....I have about 1 million dreams all at once, all ones that i want to accomplish at some point in my life; whether or not i will actually do any of them is another matter. Until one day i thought what the hell am i doing with my life?!

As i was finishing school and my A-levels a while ago i decided not to go to university like all of my friends but do something that was actually important to me, my plans did change a fair few times, i left wanting to do my snowboarding instructors course in Canada. For a while this was the dream and this is something that i would love to do as my career. This dream carried on for a while and nothing ever came of it. My plans were no longer in motion and i was kind of floating aimlessly around...Until i met someone who was going traveling also and this kind of kick started me into planning what i wanted to do, Along with the appalling summer that we had in England last year and waking up almost everyday to our Great British friend.....the rain.

Needless to say my plans changed yet again and instead of going cold i went hot....I am going to Thailand and Australia for a year (maybe more maybe less) I am traveling with my boyfriend so not completely alone, I am meeting friends in Thailand and staying there for a month, them we leave for the big wide world...Australia, we have applied for and been granted our working holiday visas meaning we can stay In the country for a year funding our travels with occasional work. (Anyone wanting this kind of trip should do it has lots of info about visas etc for oz)

I am yet to sort out accommodation this weekend, I am working on getting a job in the Fred perry store in Sydney which would be Incredible, have been told to keep in touch and visit them when I am down there for possible job opening which is all very exciting.

For anyone going traveling or thinking about working holidays I am going to suggest this book, which quite literally has been my bible since starting this whole thing. It is full of tips, experiences, places to work etc. It is called "work your way around the world" by Susan Griffith. Funnily enough this is the book my dad said he read when he moved to Tenerife a long time ago!

So as I sit here this grey morning (eating my bowl of frosties) looking out at where I live and thinking about where I want to end up I can safely say I am excited and hideously bricking it about leaving home in just over a month. I can honestly say that despite me being the colour of a ghost and an occasional lover of the rain I believe I was made for the sun. (Probably not, I get super grumpy when I get too hot) I have realised that;

Anyway i hope that anyone reading this even just one person has been inspired to get along with their dreams.

Bronte x



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