An outfit

Good evening!

I am currently watching the two towers, my little sister emailed me while I was at work and asked if we could watch lord of the rings number 2 when I got home. Bless her! Start them young! As I have seen it about 50000 times I thought I would share an outfit with you;

I went out to meet my friends the other day and was going to wear this outfit, I was only going shopping so wanted something simple so I wore a pair of denim shorts with a sheet crop top, thought that was too boring so I put a leather bustier underneath the top. I wore some black suede ankle boots with buckle detailing. This outfit would be even more perfect for the summer without tights as I really hate wearing tights.

Where I got them;
Top - topshop (actually found this one on eBay didn't buy in store)
Bustier - urban outfitters
Shorts - UNIF
Boots - Zara

Hope you like!



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