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While i was in Covent Garden i bought a few things and wanted to share what i bought with you;

As i am trying to save as much money as i can for when i go traveling (will post about that another day)  I wanted to buy a few things but not anything that cost too much, I went into the usual shops looking for anything that i could take away with me; dresses, shorts etc. The first shop i went to was Urban Outfitters, although i love this shop sometimes it is ridiculously overpriced. So i just wondered aimlessly around looking at their vintage cut offs which they price at £40 which is way too much for one pair of shorts, so i left. Still looking for the perfect pair of denim shorts (even though i have a lot of them) i went over the road to Rokit, which is a vintage store. Here i found my denim shorts and so much cheaper than bigger stores!

Here are the 2 that i bought, both vintage Guess high waisted cutoffs; everything in the store is listed in waist sizes, i am an 8/10 so i bought 27" and 28" just because they fit a lot better than a 26" which is also an 8. Normally all denim shorts are £25 in Rokit but i walked in on a sale the darker pair were priced at £13 and the lighter pair were priced at £16. So i got 2 pairs for £29 rather than £80 for 2. 
They also sell a lot more than just vintage Guess, most are Levis and Lee.

  This is the second and final item of clothing that i bought, it is from All Saints. I have been searching for this top since i saw it in the store when it was a new item (and 95 whole pounds for one top) I obviously was not going to pay £95 for a crop top (thats not even silk) so i never bought it but noticed it went into sale at christmas, I never had the money to buy it at the time so had been searching for it on ebay religiously for a while, but never had any luck. I then found it in All saints...should have been my first port of call really but oh well. It was priced at £28.50 and had one size 8 left so i immediately bought it and i am so glad i did!

The top is lovely, it is cropped in length and features a pleated front and back, the back is open and has 2           buttons on the back. I am in love with it.

I did actually also buy a few things from Lush but i will put that in a separate post as there was a lot.

Bronte x.


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