Love in london.

I have always seemed to be obsessed with love, ever since i was young; being in love, being loved, loving someone. I always had this image in my head of how amazing and perfect this feeling would be, as i grew up and started to actually like boys i realised that it was never going to be as easy as i thought it always would be (making someone fall in love with you). I had boyfriends and even thought i was in love with one of them (i was only 15 and very naive) after this relationship ended 2 strange years after i vowed to be single and not meet any boys that i would fall in love with again and give everything to only to be as devastated as i was when it all finished; however this plan of mine did not actually go all that well as i met Joseph. In a well not very romantic way;

It was a month after i had turned 18, 28th January to be exact and me and my friends were getting ready to go to a 'dubstep' night at the leaf lounge bar, I was raring to go as i actually had my eye on one of my friends friends, hoping tonight would be the night....that we actually spoke. However nothing really happened and as the night went on i got a bit too drunk and saw this very good looking guy walk in, gave him the eye....and he came over. He actually said this horrifically cheesy line to me; "so er you gonna kiss me then?" so of course (just wanting to have fun) i did, this went on until i had to leave. I went home thinking i would never see this boy again and thought nothing of it.....I was wrong...We ended up meeting up a couple of times and well the rest is history now.

Yesterday it was 2 years since my boyfriend and I met and i could not be happier. To celebrate we went up to London, to Covent Garden spent the day there then went out to my favourite restaurant Browns. I as usual had steak because i am obsessed with steak. Anyway here are a few of the photos from yesterday, I will post later on what i bought while i was there.

The first photo is of the dress that i wore which is from, it is not one of their own it is by Glamorous. The top half of the dress as you can see is sheer with beautiful embroidery on the front. Belt is Vintage. 
The second photo is from the night we met (my friend thought it was hilarious and took photos of me all night hoping to embarrass me...jokes on him)
Bottom one is while we were on the train. 


Bronte x



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