This is how I love to start my days and most of the time end them, lord of the rings and a cup of tea. How British. Many people may think what is the point in reading that book. So long. But if you have seen the film it's so easy to read as you already know the story, there is also so much that is not in the films of course as the book is huge. I would recommend it, it is brilliant! So easy to get lost in it and forget about the real world. Also welcome my glasses which I should be wearing all the time but I don't like to rely on them, they are by missoni.

Anyway I just wanted to share a couple of photographs that I took during our one snow day which was supposed to be the worst snow England has ever seen. As usual the news and weather were being ridiculously dramatic as it melted 24 hours after it fell.  For the brief time we had snow it looked beautiful and here are the photos, they were all taken outside of my house;




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