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Googies Folkstone

Good Morning Everyone! 
Today I thought I would write about a place in Folkestone, Kent, that my Dad and I went to eat in for Father's Day. I was working on the Sunday, which was Father's Day so I didn't actually get to go to the beach with my family. Which sucks, but that's retail life for you. So my dad suggested we go and do something in Folkestone on the Monday. Folkestone isn't too far from where I live, and it isn't usually a place I ever visit, for the simple fact that I don't actually really like it there. I live by the beach anyway, so I never tend to venture to other seaside towns as mine has everything I need. However dad had been raving about this restaurant called Googies so that is just where we went! 
The restaurant itself is situated in the down the old high street part of Folkestone, which is actually much nicer than the newer town centre. Lots of cobbled, narrow streets with an array of different shops. I didn't take many photos when …

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